Checkin’ Out

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

-Henry Ford

Now that she’s had a full engine rebuild and some cosmetic upgrades, the Ridge Runner is ready to go to work!  Last summer it was decided that since she looks and runs better, she needs a better slip to call home. We absolutely love our new marina and all the extras that come with it. 

Along with booking charters, we’ve also been booking guests.  AirBNB guests, that is! We had our first booking in October, which went so well the guests booked an extra night!  We’ve had several others since then, and each guest has loved their stay aboard the Blue Ridge Runner as she truly provides a unique experience while visiting us in Stuart, Florida.  The boat sleeps 5 people, has two heads, a full galley, and more!  Tied up in her slip at the marina, the Ridge Runner provides gorgeous views of the St. Lucie River and downtown Stuart. As a bonus, we offer discounted sunset cruises and fishing trips to our guests. 

Preparing the boat for a guest’s arrival is quite a process.  We make sure it’s in top-notch condition before they check in.  Ross spends most of his time washing, waxing, and buffing the outside of the boat.  He also maintains the teak in the cockpit and runs the motors as much as he can to keep them in good condition. My responsibilities are in the cabin.  I make sure each stateroom and both heads have clean linens, the galley is tidy, and the salon windows are shiny so guests get to see the gorgeous views of the marina. 

Last weekend we had guests from Pennsylvania who stayed 3 nights on board.  They were a party of 5 visiting family who live in the area.  We thought we might get a sunset cruise out of this booking, but unfortunately they wanted to bring more people than the Coast Guard allows us to take.  The Blue Ridge Runner’s certification falls under the Uninspected Passenger Vessel Act, which only allows up to 6 passengers while the boat is for-hire. 

After check-out, Ross and I went to inspect the boat for any damages or forgotten items.  Thankfully everything was left in perfect condition, so we got right to work.  While I collected the used linens, Ross fired up the engines and the generator.  It’s very important for a boat’s motors to run often.  Depending on what stroke the pistons are in at the time of shut down, one or two exhaust valves could be open.  This would allow for salt air to flow into the cylinder.  It flows back through the exhaust, through the turbo, then through the exhaust manifold, and finally into the cylinder. As the boat rocks back and forth, the salt air flows in and out.  This will cause major corrosion inside the motor, hence the importance of running them often.  Check out our video on Youtube to get a first hand look at what happens after check-out!

All in all, it was a great weekend for the Ridge Runner.  The guests had a fantastic time, and we found the boat they way we left her.  Hit subscribe to see what happens before our next guest checks in!

Author: mandytomney

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm Mandy, just a girl living on the east coast of Florida with my sweet husband, Ross. We get to do some pretty cool things here, so this is just a way share our experiences and things we love. We are just starting our life together as husband and wife, so jump aboard and join us as we journey to stay afloat!

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